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The Ultimate Form of Programming Language

At the current stage, I feel that GPT is more like the ultimate form of programming language, as opposed to strong AI.

After looking at this repository on GitHub - fafrd/aquarium: AI-controlled Linux Containers, I realized that one aspect of programming languages is that syntax has been gradually evolving from low-level to high-level, constantly approaching natural language.

From machine code, Byte Code, assembly language, C/C++, to various high-level languages and interpreted languages, the development of programming is constantly moving towards natural language.

With the emergence of GPT, it seems that people will soon be able to command computers, operate servers, and even programming in natural language.

After all, from machine code to various programming languages such as Perl, Python, JavaScript, and GoLang, it’s just layer upon layer of abstraction.

And perhaps, the many models based on Transformer architecture are the pioneers of the ultimate form of abstraction.

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